Carrying in Warm weather

Can I carry my baby in this heat?

 You won’t overheat your baby by carrying them.  People in far hotter climates than the UK carry their children daily and come to no harm. The body is able to thermoregulate appropriately. However, there are a few things you can do to make the experience more pleasant for you both. 

Sensible Steps

  1.  Keep well hydrated : Make sure that both you and your child drink plenty.
  2.  Think about the clothing you’re both wearing : Reduce layers of clothing that both you and baby are wearing.
  3.  Protect your child from sunburn and windburn : Don't forget suncream and long light layers.
  4.  Cooling aids can be helpful: A dry muslin can be used to wick away sweat between you and the child. A damp muslin can help cool the two of you. 
  5.  Choose the time of day you use your carrier and consider other means of transport: Think about the time of day that you use your sling- the cooler evenings and mornings are a better time than in the hot midday sun.

Warm Weather Slings

We have several warm weather slings that can offer a cooler option for exotic holidays.