Sling Cleaning

Everyday Cleaning

A granny carrying her seven month old grandson in a flowery Integra sling, feeding him an ice cream

Children are generally messy creatures- particularly in the summer, when there's the fun of ice creams and sun cream too. Spot cleaning your carrier is very simple- use a small amount of washing up liquid and water to sponge clean smaller stains. The areas that get the grubbiest from daily usage are places like the straps and the top edge of the carrier. 

If it is a woven, be very careful about how you clean it if it is a delicate fabric such as cashmere etc as damage to the fibres can ruin the integrity. 

Full On Nappy Failures

"Poonami" Pronounced poo-nar-me When the nappy fails to cope with the contents  & results in leakage

When a the nappy fails and there really is a situation that cannot be spot cleaned, then it is time for a proper scrub! If you have a buckle carrier, clip all of the buckles together and put it inside a pillow case  to protect both your machine and the buckles. Most carriers can be put through a cool gentle cycle. Please do not use fabric softener or put your soft structured carrier through the tumble dryer as these can both damage your carrier and render it unusable. 

Any slings with rings (Close Caboo or Ring Slings), put a sock over the rings and pop inside a pillow case to stop the clanging sound. 

The general guide is not to wash slings unless they are really filthy, never use fabric conditioner and always air dry!

Suck Pads


Tia makes suck pads for our library as these are a life saver with teething or posseting babies. Suck pads popper around straps to protect your straps and the need to constantly wash or clean your slings,  as you can take them off and put them in the washing machine. They are available to buy from our Sling Library sessions every Thursday in lots of different colourways and prints (including Star Wars and Dr Who!).