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South East London Slingers is a partnership based in Greenwich, England. We run this website ( We do not use third party services to operate our bookings and hire services. All data collected for this is done on paper and kept in a locked file. We will only keep in touch with people who have asked for further help, those who have hired a sling or carrier and those who have a membership that is coming to an end. You will never receive any promotional data or marketing from us unless you have specified an interest in either promotional deals on slings or in other local services that may support you and your family. 

If you’ve got any questions, or want to know more about data we might have collected about you, email .

This page was published on 25th May 2018. It will be next reviewed and updated on 25th May 2019.

Our Privacy Principles

At South East London Slingers, we take our approach to data seriously, so we’ve set some guiding principles that all of our work follows:

We only record data we really need. This reduces the risk of exposing sensitive data, and means people have more control over what they share with us.

We store data securely – No one should be able to access our data without permission, either by accident or design.

We keep personally identifiable information confidential* – the data held by us will ONLY be accessed by Tia, Sarah S and Sarah L.

We’re clear about data use – We’re up front about what we’ll do with information: how we store it, who’ll have access to it and when we’ll delete it. If we won’t use it, we don’t keep it.

We make decisions as a partnership – Sarah S, Tia and Sarah L always discuss decisions about data use together.

We hold ourselves to account – We as a partnership must be able to explain and justify every decision made about the way a client’s data has been gathered, used and managed.

* The only exception there would ever be to this is our safeguarding obligation: if we think a child is in an unsafe situation, we have a legal duty to share this with relevant services. This obligation overrides data protection requirements. We will always try to talk to a client if this is the case.

Social Media

South East London Slingers uses several social media accounts to share our work and success stories. At the moment, this includes:

We occasionally use the analytics tools provided by these platforms to understand how we can use them better.

If you have any questions about the above privacy policy, or require further information as to how we use your data, then please get in touch.

We will only ever put a photo of you or a family member (including children) if you have already agreed in advance.

Terms and Conditions


Important Information



South East London Slingers cannot be held responsible for any accident that results in injury or death whilst the carrier is in your care. All carriers are provided with instructions for safe use. If, for any reason they are not supplied, it is the borrower’s responsibility to ask for a copy of the instructions. On occasion,we may only be able to provide you with an online link to manufacturer’s instructions; in this case, we will also give you printed instructions for a similar carrier. The borrower must read all safety, use and care instructions provided prior to using the carrier. Carriers must only be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions,though where there is a choice we may recommend particular carrying methods or positions. We suggest that after familiarising yourself with the instructions given, you then practice using the carrier with a doll/teddy over a sofa or bed so that you get used to the tying/fastening/adjusting methods. Always ensure that you seat your child correctly in the carrier and check any knots regularly as children do not stay still and straps and wrap passes can move or become loosened. If you feel any pain while carrying your child, change the carrying position or remove the carrier. If you are unsure about anything you read in the instructions, are not sure what you’re doing or are at all concerned, please contact us. We can also support you to find a sling consultant to help you further.
1. Loan Form. Your personal details will be kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, and will only be used to contact you in relation to your loan and occasional Sling Library events or promotions. We require one proof of current address in order to be able to hire. You must inform us if you change address and bring proof of this in order for our records to be updated.
2. Loan Cost and Duration. All carriers are lent subject to availability, condition and suitability. The standard loan period is 2 weeks. At our discretion you may arrange to borrow a carrier for a longer period. Hire is limited to 1 carrier per 2 week hire. The only exceptions are if there is a need for tandem carrying or other circumstances agreed with the librarians.

3. Deposit: A fully refundable deposit is required for each loan. The deposit will be returned in full following the timely return of the carrier, undamaged with all additional accessories. The replacement of any lost carriers, accessories or instructions will be paid for out of your deposit. Charges for lost components will be equal to replacement cost (including any postage costs). Charges for items damaged beyond normal wear and tear will be judged on a case by case basis.

4. Payment Methods A. Loan costs are payable by cash.B. Deposits must be paid in cash.

5. Late Returns. If you return your carrier late, we will charge £5 for admin fees and £1 per day late fees for every day past 11:30 am on the agreed returns due date until the date that you contact us and agree a resolution. This is still payable even if an agreement to renew is reached.B. It is often possible to renew your loan for additional weeks (a maximum of 3 renewals= a total of 8 weeks’ hire) on a case by case basis.C. Under adverse or in unforeseen circumstances, we may reduce or waive fines for late returns as long as the late period is less than 7 days and has been fully agreed by us before the end of the loan period.D. If you do not respond to communication via telephone calls, text and email within thirty days (the start of the hire), we will retain your deposit and use it to start proceedings through the small claims court to recoup the costs of the sling that is lost and hire fees.E. If we are shut due to staff illness or other circumstances beyond our control, we will make contact to extend your loan period for free, and agree a new returns due date with you.

6. Returning. Returns must be made at a Sling Library session and must be returned to a member of the library staff by 11:30am on the day it is due. Leaving slings at any of the venues with anyone other than a library staff member is not safe and will lead you to being liable for the full replacement cost of the sling.B. Please ensure that the carrier, instructions and any accessories are packaged together on return.

7. Condition of the Carrier. All carriers are checked before lending to ensure that they are in good condition and in working order. The borrower may check the condition of the carrier prior to the start of the loan and must confirm on the loan form that it is in working order.
B. It is the borrower’s responsibility to check over the carrier before every use. Check all buckles, hems and seams ensuring that there are no tears, breaks, cracks or holes. If any damage is discovered, please stop using the carrier immediately and contact us.
8. Care of Carriers . Under no circumstances is it permitted to smoke tobacco or vape whilst wearing or holding the carrier. Smoking is known to increase the risk of cot death for babies, and these risks have also been linked to babies being in close contact with clothing or objects contaminated with smoke particles. B. If we suspect that a carrier has been used around smoking or vaping, we will charge for the full replacement of the sling.C. We cannot guarantee that there are no marks on the carriers we lend. Carriers are spot–cleaned regularly and/or laundered as appropriate when the lending schedule allows. If you would prefer to use a freshly laundered carrier please request this before you borrow as this will incur an extra £10 fee. Please return your borrowed carrier in a similar condition to which it was hired.C. For soft carriers (wraps, slings and Asian styles) please spot clean any marks and more soil–prone areas (e.g. on straps and top edges) when they occur using liquid detergent/washing up liquid and water.D. For soft structured carriers, framed carriers and anything with significant padding,structural elements or buckles do spot clean any marks when they occur using washing up liquid or liquid detergent and water.  Please contact us for information if you feel the carrier needs a full wash so we can arrange to exchange the sling for the rest of your hire.E. We cannot guarantee that there are no animal hairs on our carriers, but we ask that all carriers are kept away from pets to minimise this possibility. If you are very allergic to animal hairs, please request that the carrier be laundered before you borrow it to help reduce any potential reaction, this will incur a £10 fee.F. Food and posset marks are expected when carrying children, but please keep the sling away from anything that may stain more permanently (oil, paint, pens, etc.), or anything that might damage it (scissors, sharp nails, stones in jewellery, Velcro, keys in your bag, fire,etc.). The cost of damage beyond normal wear and tear will be removed from your deposit. If the damage is higher than the cost of the deposit, you will be charged the cost of the replacement sling.G. If a sling is returned in a state unsuitable for immediate re-hire, this includes (but not limited to) animals or scented washing products, £10 of your deposit will be retained for cleaning costs.
9. Ownership All slings, carriers, instructions and accessories remain the property of South East London Slingers at all times, and all loans are subject to availability and our discretion.

Thank you to Worthing Sling Library and North London Sling Library for their assistance with this document.

CPD and Insurance Details

Insurance details

We are fully covered by BGI for public liability insurance under their Health and Well-being Policy.


  • They cover us working in any owned, rented, hired or client’s property, including retreats worldwide (excl.US/Canada);
  • £5.0M indemnity on Public & Product liability;
  • £5,000 cover on business stock & equipment;
  • £5.0M Indemnity Medical Malpractice;
  • Legal expenses, breach of confidentiality, website & email infringements;
  • Identity Theft;

CPD undertaken by our volunteers

Sarah Lawson: 

Born to Carry Peer Supporter Course run via North London Sling Library May 2017

Sling School Safety in Carrying course By Morecambe Bay Slings, October 2017

Babywearing consultancy run by School of Babywearing, December 2017

Sarah K Smith:

Attended School of Babywearing training October 2013

Slingababy training February 2016 

Online Mindful Rebozo Course December 2017

Sling School Safety in Carrying course By Morecambe Bay Slings, April 2018

Full Slingababy Consultant having done a project to benefit my community December 2018

Tia Buxton:

Peer Supporter through School of Babywearing January 2019