Hiring our Carriers

 We offer a huge variety of carriers for hire at just £15 per fortnight for non-members, or £10 a fortnight for members. To become a member costs £30 for a lifetime membership or £15 for three months. If you wish to remain a non-member, we will take a deposit of £50 that is refundable on the safe return of the carrier. 

Benefits for members include:

If you would like to try a carrier or have a carrier fitted to you or practise different carries and do not have membership, this costs £10. 

All money taken during sling library sessions is put straight back into the library running costs- our insurance, CPD, keeping the carriers clean, getting new carriers in to our collection. 

Know what you are looking for?

Want to hire before you come to the library? Click the button below to reach our Myturn hiring site.