Don't buy your slings without talking to us first!

We work hard to find you the best sling that suits you and your family, including your budget. Please try not to buy from places like Ebay or Amazon as regularly there are fakes that do not have the proper safety testing on the stitching or on the dyes used. These fakes can be so good to the eye that even the major brands cannot spot them but they are dangerous to use with your child.

Discount Codes for Websites - SELS15 for 15% off  - SOUTHEASTLONDON for 5% off  - SELondonJJ for 10% off  -selondonlib5 for 5% off - selondon5 for 5%  - SELS10 for 10% off

Facebook Pages

Make sure that any deals you do on Facebook are done via PayPal Goods and Services. Here are some great places to buy slings secondhand on Facebook: - twin slings  -Slings under £50 - Slings for sale and advice -selling page for slings

For woven wraps, try the individual Facebook groups for their selling places.

Let us know if there is something in particular that you are looking for as we regularly speak to other Sling Libraries and can get items from them too!