Carrying in Cold Weather

Can I carry my baby in this freezing weather?


It is important to consider safety in all things, and dressing warmly for winter while using a carrier is no exception. Snowsuits may be cute, snuggly and warm but they need to be used carefully.

Sensible Steps

  1. Be aware of overheating: Being too hot can be a risk for SIDS. Protect your baby's extremities (feet, hands and head) rather than their middle.
  2. Be aware of their airway: Too much fabric around the chest and back makes it hard to achieve a fully supported back or a tight enough carry, meaning that baby could slump, risking their airway. Be aware of your clothing too- scarves and cowls can block babies' faces.
  3. Be aware of position: With bulky snowsuits, they can force limbs into a starfish type shape, rather than a hip healthy, deep seated position.

How to keep warm and safe

  • Lots of thin layers are much better than thick bulky ones.
  • There are baby carrying covers and special coats but there are also tricks, such as sliding a waterproof coat over the straps of a carrier.
  • Think about your footwear- will you be safe walking on ice or through snow. Plan your pathway carefully!